Download Instructions

1. Download and install WinPcap Network Drivers:

WinPcap Drivers for Windows (ALL) »


WinPcap Drivers for Windows 10 »

2. Download and install Amazon Dash Tool:

Latest Amazon Dash Tool v1.0.0.3 » - 09Dec2016: LIVE!
Amazon Dash Tool v1.0.0.2 » - 03Dec2016
Amazon Dash Tool v1.0.0.1 » - 14Sep2016

v1.0.0.3 Fixes

• Fixed no connection to HS3 issues on certain json response crashes. [thanks Simonk]

• Attempted a WinPCap wrapper re-write for reliability. Seems better. Still watching.

• Added multiple network card support!

v1.0.0.2 Fixes

• Fixed random crash and dash button detection loss based on 3 months of logs from multiple sources.

• Added timeout and retry connect to HS3 on startup when HS3 may not be loaded. (in the event of startup, etc)

• [JimBob] suggestion acknowledged and implemented: link to homeseer device now alphabetized.

Known Issues (marked for future versions!)

• Tool will connect remotely using myHS. This is not automatically integrated yet.

Known Issues (not yet marked for future)