Dash Integration Tool

HomeSeer 3 Dash Integration

Getting Started with the Dash Integration Tool

Download the application and get it installed!

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Get your Dash buttons ready!

Get the amazon app on your mobile device.

Then register the dash button using the amazon app by holding the dash button until the light turns blue.

Then proceed to step 2 in the amazon app and configure your WIFI.

Allow it to program the WIFI to the dash and when it prompts you for which product you want to link to, go back to the main menu.

You can repeat this process as many times as necessary for a single button in the case of mistaken WIFI passwords or WIFI SID name changes.

Add your Dash buttons to the tool!

It's easy to add your Dash buttons to the Integration Tool!

In the "Autodetect Dash Button" section of the tool, hit the [Start] button.

When it prompts to do so, hit the button on the Dash!

Follow the prompts on the tool to repeat the button presses until detection comes back with a positive identification.

Once satisfied with the detection percentage, (usually 100%) simply click the [save detected Dash] button to add it to the Amazon Dash Buttons list!

Command your Dash buttons to work with HS3!

If you haven't already, configure your HS3 endpoint URL with the integration tool by selecting [Edit] --> [Configure HomeSeer URL] from the top menu.

Ensure you see HS3 Connected at the bottom left hand corner of the integration tool.

Now right click on a dash button or select the dash button and click [link to homeseer device]. This will interrogate HS3 for all devices available to command and let you link the button to a homeseer device!

The next step asks which type of link to establish between the dash button and the HS3 device.

Link Types between the integration tool and HS3!

Motion Style Response - This will send a value of 100 to the linked HS3 device and wait 30 seconds. It will then follow up with a value of 0 to the linked HS3 device.

Toggle Style Response - This will interrogate the HS3 device value and if the value is > 0, the value will change to 0. If the value is 0, it the value will change to 100.

Value=0 Response - This will send a value of 0 to the HS3 device.

Value=100 Response - This will send a value of 100 to the HS3 device.

Not Linked - This will do nothing between HS3 and the integration tool.

Future link types have already been scheduled for the next release cycle!!